Honorary award to the community of the Philippines for its participation in the «Anthestiria»

Honorary award to the community of the Philippines for its participation in the «Anthestiria»

The Philippine community in Cyprus, was honoured for its participation in the flower festival «Anthestiria», held on the first Sunday of May.
The Anthestiria Festival is a celebration of Spring and Nature’s rebirth. A parade of flower floats and people carrying beautiful, fresh flowerfills Larnaka’s seafront promenade.
The Festivities date back to Ancient Greek times, when feasts were organised in Athens every four years to honour the God of theatre and parties, Dionysus. Anthestiria was also a festival of souls, plants, and flowers, celebrating the rebirth of man and nature. The word Anthestiria derives from the Greek word Anthos, meaning flower.

Each of the performers held an ‘arko’ decorated with flowers. The dance it took inspiration from is from the province of Bulacan in the Philippines wherein the Bulaklakan festival ( flower festival) is also celebrated every year. Members of the community practiced and learned the dance with the guidance of Mr Rodel Fronda via Zoom, straight from Bulacan!

Here are a few words from the participants of the parade.

Congratulations ! Our achievement made us all proud.
From Association of Filipino Migrants in Famagusta (Carolina Demiar)

Good day! I felt mixed emotions before the parade started, excited, nervous when it started and I saw the people watching and felt that they liked our presentation and they were clapping and shouting “Philippines” so I replaced what I felt with overflowing pleasure.
From Samahan Ng Ilokano-Kabagis (Elsa Antonio)

We felt that time nervous at first but when we saw and heard the applause of the audience, the nervousness disappeared and was replaced by joy in our heart. And we heard our kababayans shouting us mabuhay. We felt different and they fully supported us.
From Society OFW Empowered ( Eleanore Andres)

All Glory to God! We did it. Happy , nervous and tired but worth it. Full of happiness. Looking forward to more Filcom activities. another memory to share of being OFW when we retire.
From United OFW Larnaca ( Warren Dizon)

We are Filcom is very thankful to be a part of your event, to represent and show you our own culture. It’s been a long time to wait to celebrate again. Because of the pandemic, but now we can show how happy and proud we are. It’s all fun and enjoyable while performing and we heard the crowd clapping for us.
From Power Larnaca ( Loida Bormate)

As coordinator of this flower festival here in Larnaca for two years now. Every year another experience’s but this year someone told us that they said to us. Thank you kupeles that you do that to us and we make us happy while you’re dancing on the street. I felt something in my heart that in a little way lots of people are happy while we are dancing for them and we felt happy when we saw them clapping Ang Cheering at us and saying bravo bravo… Thank you and looking forward to next year’s event.
From Filipino Association in Larnaca Cyprus (Josefina Bitoin)